On May 27th 2005 Caleb and Raven were married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, not just till death do them part, but for time and all eternity. Soon Justice will be sealed to Caleb and Raven creating an eternal family of fun, love, and service. This is the story of the Loving Loveless Family

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our First Blog - After this post the blogs will be arranged from newest to oldest.

Hey everyone! This is our families first blog. We live far away from some of our family and friends and want to stay connected as much as possible. This blog is the way we came up with to let everyone know what is happening in our lives. To stay more connected.

We feel it can be easy to get distanced from others in the fast paced world we live in. The little boxes we call homes can sometimes become barriers in relationships with the outside world. Yet, our family believes that the only way to survive the isolating conjestion of our society is to stay connected with family and friends as much as possible. We are trying to build our personal relationships within this family stronger so that we can reach out to others more. Please forgive us if we dont as much as we should...we are trying, with attempts like this blog, to reach out more. Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Pictured: Derek watches as Justice throws to first
by Raven Loveless
The Marlins are headed for the championship tourney if they continue to rock this league as they have so far this season. With three games to go, our boys in teal remain undefeated. Last night's game against the Cincinatti Reds ended in a final score of 32-1. Marlins catcher "Kobe" took his first swing at pitching and threw a no-hitter until the final inning when 3rd baseman "Derek" was brought in to give the Bad News Bears -er, I mean the Reds- a chance at some dignity. Other season highlights include a double play made by short stop Justice Loveless, and of course knock-out pitching and batting by who we think is the teams most valuable asset - "Jake", who towers over his teammates in both height and skill alike. The biggest surprise about this team is the low turnout for fans, especially compared to the other teams in the league. So grab your peanuts and cracker jacks, baseball fans, and let's go out to the ball game!

Monday, April 14, 2008

poo is funny

poo is funny!
poo is funny!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today was a lazy Sunday...

When I have 9am church I love to take a nap afterwards; so I did today and It was great! When I woke up Raven had put together a nice meatloaf with potatoes and salad. It was her first attempt at meatloaf and I thought she did a good job.

After dinner we watched some conference that we had recorded and I spent most of the day working on my book. Ooops! The cat is out of the bag! Yeah, I am writing a book. Don't worry, I don't think I have any business writing a book. It is just something I am interested in, and have always wanted to try, so I am giving it a shot. A while ago I was pondering life and realised that one of my weaknesses is that I get scared of starting things. I feel capable of things but hold myself back by not just beginning. To combat that I just decided to start writing a book and if it never goes anywhere, at least I tried. Chapter 1 is almost done!

Anyways, not that interesting....I only bring it up because my wife finally found out tonight that I was trying to write a book and the exchange we had was is on my mind.

Sunday's are so lazy...time to go to bed. This was a wonderful beautiful warm spring day and I was glad to be a part of it!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stillness and Silence

Where are you?
Stillness and silence fill the space between our hearts
Days filled with breaths...breaths and changing colors
they couldn't tell me
...Where to find your face
Where am I?
I float in dreamt expression as melody fills my senses
Words can't explain the stuff of my imagination
though it explains me
My lips are still
To where does it pass?
Movement in so many ways shows who we are
these seen as one create a better view
Perhaps then I'll catch a glimpse
...of where you are

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ad Naseum Nitrus Oxide or The Saga of Puffy Cheeks.

Just got back from a significant stint at the dentist. My whole face is numb because they had to do like 7 fillings on 5 teeth. (Don't worry, ill be back to drinking soda right before bed and not brushing in no time).

But for now I cannot even talk very well; I look like a chipmunk.

So I called into work and told them I wouldn't be in today. "Hi! Wetum to Bent Bown how can I hep you toaday". Nice! I think I will avoid the embarrassment.

Yesterday I wrote a rather depressing article on my feelings about my days off of work and how life is losing its flavor. Well, I am relishing not working today. My face hurts and I just want to lay down and relax. So I will...

In a few minutes the second season of Battlestar Galactica gets done downloading, The first season was pretty good but I'm more excited for the second season. I know what you might be thinking...illegal downloads? Heck-no-techno! I don't feel that it is stealing to download something that is free on TV. I can TEVO them or record them onto i feel justified in Downloading them too. If your ears are burning take an Advil.

Anyways, season 2 is going to be cool and in 29 min and 21 sec the file will be done and the electronic hum of my computer emulating cylonic glory will be mine...mine...mine...*cough*...sorry.

Be good..


I was RIGHT all along!!!

I guess saturated fat is good for you!

I guess I was right all along and now feel very good about digging into a big fatty steak with grissle whilst drinking whole milk..yum.

Keep on dieting eveyrone, Im going to live till im 100!